Environment Trainings

Environment Trainings


The CODDE Department offers you a panel of Environment Trainings adapted to the needs of each.


Environment Trainings

  • Understand and understand environmental issues, the circular economy and the economics of functionality
  • Know the main tools and methods to carry out the environmental diagnosis of a product or a service
  • Discover the applications of the environmental assessment of a product or a service
  • Understand and understand the concept of circular economy to give management a new dimension at the heart of the challenges of the contemporary economy
  • Understanding environmental issues related to the water footprint and the normative context: ISO 14046
  • Understanding environmental issues related to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming
  • Being able to integrate a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a company

Distributor, manufacturer, marketing manager, environmental manager, design offices, product managers, quality and environment manager

Environment : A better understanding for a perfect management1 dBeginnerTo be defined650 € VAT
How are you impacted by the different environmental regulations (RoHS, WEEE, ErP and REACH)? 1 dBeginnerTo be defined650 € VAT
Hazardous Substances Regulations: RoHS, REACH1 dBeginnerTo be defined650 € VAT
Develop an end-of-life record of equipment: Directive 2012/19 / EU (WEEE or WEEE)0,5 dBeginnerTo be defined650 € VAT

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