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PEP ecopassport®: Connected equipement
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in June 2023. The PSR-0005 (Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions) and PSR-0006 (Drives for blinds and closures installed in buildings) allow to study the environmental impacts of connected equipment. [spacer] Rules associated with the impacts of digital services Connected equipment mobilizes a set of equipment, infrastructures and other digital…
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Assess the environmental impact of your digital services
Digital services are more and more present in our daily lives and are transforming the way we communicate, work and consume. Among these digital services, we for example the generalization of teleworking. Made possible by the democratization of IT tools (online data hosting, collaborative tool, videoconferencing system, etc.), teleworking allows companies to become more efficient…
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NegaOctet : Enrich data for LCA IT equipment!
As part of the NegaOctet R&D project, our team moved to APL, an expert in data centers. In collaboration with DDemain - Supporting the environmental transition and Nodixia, our consultants dismantled various IT equipment (servers, Wi-Fi boxes, printers and smartphones). This enriching experience will improve the databases to achieve the LCA of digital services and…
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