Vérification IECQ

Verification IECQ

The IECQ supports the circular economy and climate action

As a global approval and certification system covering the supply of electronic components, IECQ provides manufacturers with independent verification using quality assessment specifications based on international IEC and ISO standards.

The IECQ now offers a « green package » combining three services:

  • A hazardous substances process management program,
  • An ecodesign program,
  • Verification of carbon footprint declarations.

The IECQ green package is aimed at all industry sectors and offers manufacturers a one-stop shop that helps them provide accurate information and avoid greenwashing accusations.

LCIE, Certification Body recognized by the IECQ

IECQ recognition

LCIE Bureau Veritas evaluates and certifies the conformity of equipment with European and international standards and regulations as well as specific benchmarks, in order to issue certificates and marks to attest to the quality of the equipment.

Since October 2023, we have been recognized by the IECQ as a Certification Body according to the ISO/IEC 17029, ISO 14065 and ISO 14067 standards for the verification of the product's carbon footprint.

IECQ carbon footprint attestation

  • Our verifiers are trained in Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/44) and product carbon footprint assessment (ISO 14067) methodologies.
  • We deliver IECQ Carbon Footprint of Product Statements in compliance with IECQ 03-01 and ISO/IEC 17029.

To go further, consult the IECQ guides