Verification & Audit

Verification & Audit

CODDE strengthens the credebility of your approach

The verification process involves certifying accuracy against a benchmark. It is carried out by an authorized and independent person.

The audit allows for compliance with the regulations in force.

The documents and certifications that we certify

Do you need to have your environmental declarations verified?

Since July 1, 2017, the French decree of August 31, 2015 requires verification by independent third parties of the declarations of construction products, decoration products and electrical, electronic and climate engineering equipment intended for use in building works.

What is verification?

Verification consists of ensuring and attesting that the declarations are in conformity. That is to say, they were established following the appropriate standards and repositories. Ultimately, this verification enables the declarations to be recorded. This registration is done in the Program databases (PEP ecopassport®, FDES, EPD System®). They are then accessible online to anyone wishing to consult them.

However, only an authorized verifier by the Programs can carry out this verification.

Our support

Members of our team are empowered verifier by the Reporting Programs:

  • PEP ecopassport® for electrical, electronic and HVAC products. The verification is then framed by a PCR, the XPC-08-100-1 standard and PSRs.
  • FDES Inies (Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets) for construction products. The verification is then framed by standard NF EN 15804 + A1 as well as its national supplement NF EN 15804 / CN.
  • EDP® System for all types of products or services. The verification is then framed by the ISO 14025 and NF EN 15804 + A1 standards.

We will verify compliance with the requirements of the Reporting Programs concerning:

  • Goals
  • The functional unit
  • System Borders
  • Data collection
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • The results
  • The conclusion

This verification will allow the publication of two documents:

  • A verification report
  • A verification certificate

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Many references

Critical review

  • PEP ecopassport® PCR edition 3.
  • Life Cycle Assessment


  • ISO 14001 standard.
  • Footprint Progress © Certification .
  • IEC 60601-1-9 standard.


  • PEP ecopassport
  • FDES Inies
  • EPD System

Third party 

  • Verification of the carbon footprint quantification tool (GHG emission) of Laposte's mail, parcels and digital letters.

CODDE also helps you to make your declarations

The declarations make it possible to enhance the process of quantifying the environmental impacts of products and services. In addition, they can allow you to highlight your efforts to reduce impacts.

We can train you to make your declarations or make them for you.

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