Customers & Partners

Customers & Partners


Expertise center in LCA and Eco-design for more than 20 years, CODDE works hand in hand with its Customers & Partners.

Our goal is to assist you in the implementation of sustainable design processes.

Initially concentrated around the electrical and electronic industries, our activities quickly expanded. We are now working in the transport, aeronautics, mechanical, construction, textile, food and mass retail sectors.

Our international network allows us to support you in carrying out your Life Cycle Assessment, whatever your starting point is. And to support you, step by step, in your eco-design initiatives.

We are active members of the various Environmental Declaration Programs (Presidency of the PEP ecopassport verifier club, seat on the Steering Committee and on the Technical Committee). Thus, we are able to carry out your environmental product declarations (PEP ecopassport, FDES, EDP System). But also to check them if you make them yourself. Indeed, many of our consultants are empowered to third party verification of your documents by the Environmental Declaration Programs.

Finally, we actively participate in various research projects in order to always be a force for proposals and to be leader.