Digital pollution

If the digital services sector is perceived as an intangible sector, the multiplication of these services is not without environmental impacts: multiplication of datacenters, increase in the volume of data exchanged on mobile networks and optical fibers, obsolescence programmed terminals, etc.

Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow by studying the environmental impacts associated with the following elements:

  • Software development
  • Data hosting (local or datacenter)
  • Data exchange on the network
  • Use of consultation terminals and connected objects


NegaOctet is research project which aims to develop and experiment rules for assessing the environmental impacts of digital services based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) approach with a view to their eco-design in order to

  • Develop new knowledge to assess the environmental performance of software and digital services
  • Identify verifiable and quantifiable good eco-design practices
  • Enrich and update existing tools

NegaOctet is co-developed by LCIE Bureau Veritas and its partners APL Datacenter, DDemain and

The 3 types of digital services

IT Services

At the company level, IT services include the entire IT infrastructure, including telework solutions (computers, smartphones, datacenter, local network, etc.)

Connected objects

From the watch connected to the car, all everyday objects are connected (pastry robot, connected lock, home automation objects ...)


All dematerialized solutions linked to new business models (online shopping, home delivery, streaming services, videoconferencing systems ...)

NegaOctet framework

Having an unbiased quantitative view must make it possible to significantly and effectively reduce the environmental impacts of digital services over the entire life cycle (including elements perceived as intangible for users).

The NégaOctet repository is the subject of scientific recognition recognized by ADEME and responsible experts such as AGIT, Le Club greenIT, EcoInfo and Conception Numérique Responsable.

Our expertise allows us to perform Life Cycle Analyzes of your services according to your needs: simplified LCA, detailed LCA, research-oriented LCA. Our experts help you to define the right particle size.


Services numériques

NegaOctet database

Services numériques

The NegaOctet database brings together the various building blocks of digital services such as:

  • Data exchanged on the Internet (4G network, fiber network)
  • Hosting data in data centers based on performance and customer needs
  • Equipment related to hosting and data processing (switch, firewall, router, storage, ...)
  • Consultation terminals (smartphone, screen, television, etc.)
  • Sensors linked to connected objects

The database (more than 500 data) is currently available in the EIME software or in Excel format. A free access version (55 data) is also available on ADEME's Base Empreinte®.


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