Software & Tools

Software & Tools

CODDE develops and realizes tools adapted to your needs

Since more than 25 years, we have been internally developing EIME Software.

EIME is a unique tool to quantify the environmental impact of your products and services throughout their life cycle, identify eco-design paths and develop your product environmental policy. Besides facilitating your decision-making and allowing a clear environmental communication, the speed of its handling and its ergonomics will guarentee to you an optimal working efficiency.

We realize for you tailor-made tools allowing a large-scale deployment of your approach. Automation, simplification, creation of documents to your charter, ... we adapt to your specifications.

EIME software development

Whether for the realization of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carrying out communication medium (environmental product declaration sush as PEP ecopassport, FDES, EPD System) or to a eco-design perspective, the EIME Software meets your needs.

Manage your projects and case studies

Simply model the entire life cycle

Choose a set of indicators and get the environmental impacts

Analyze the distribution of environmental impacts

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Macro EXCEL tools

PEP automation process 

Excel tool to automatically perform PEP on a basis of PLM tools extraction data. It is thus possible to generate PEP and accompanying reports in few hours.


Environemental labelling scoring

From the 3 indicators of environmental labeling of a product, the tool calculates a final score for a very high number of reference at the same time.
Indicateur vers Aff env

Data Collection File tool - EIME 

To shorter the LCA time of execution, we developed suppliers data collection files  allowing to directly import this information into EIME. So LCA results are directly calculated.Fichier collecte import EIME

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