Environnemental communication

Environmental communication

CODDE helps you to enhance your approach

Environmental communication enhances the quantification and / or reduction of environmental impacts of products.

To guide your choice, three criteria must be taken into account: the purpose of your communication medium, the regulatory or voluntary aspect, the intended audience (business or general public).


PEP ecopassport

Declare the impacts of your Electric, Electronic and heating & cooling Products according to the PEP ecopassport Program


Declare the impacts of your Building Products according to ISO 15 804

EPD System

Declare the impacts of the products in all categories according to ISO 14 025 and ISO 15 804


Certify your eco-design approach with Bureau Veritas


Environmental labelling

View the impacts of Consumer Products

Self Declaration

Communicate the impacts of your products according to ISO 14021

You want or need to communicate about the environmental aspects of your products?

The CODDE department accompanies you every step of the way.

In France, the Decree of 23 December 2013 on the environmental declaration of construction and decoration products intended for use in building works requires economic operators involved in the placing on the market of construction and decoration products (manufacturers, agents and importers) issue an environmental statement when the promotion of these products includes claims on their environmental aspects.

Environmental Declaration, what is it?

An environmental statement is a mapping of the environmental profile of a product or equipment. This mapping is obtained by analyzing the entire life cycle (extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, installation, use, end of life). It is valid for 5 years and can be consulted at any time on the INIES database.

Different types of environmental declarations exist:

  • PEP ecopassport® type declarations, specific to electrical, electronic and HVAC products. These environmental statements are framed by the Product Category Rules (PCR) ed.3 of the PEP ecopassport® Program, the XPC-08-100-1 standard and the PSR (Product Specific Rules). Website of the PEP ecopassport® Program: www.pep-ecopassport.org
  • FDES type declarations (Environmental and Sanitary Declaration Forms), specific to construction products. These environmental declarations are framed by standard NF EN 15804 + A1 as well as its national complement NF EN 15804 / CN. Website of the FDES Program: https://www.inies.fr/home/ 
  • EDP ​​System® type declarations, open to all types of products or services. These environmental declarations are framed by the ISO 14025 and NF EN 15804 + A1 standards. Website of the International EPD® System: https://www.environdec.com/
Our accompaniment

We can train you to carry out your environmental declarations or realize them for you.

We will first define the project framework (product (s) studied, functional unit, borders). Then, after collecting all the data needed to carry out the environmental analysis: mass, material, process of transformation, upstream transport of the raw materials ... we will model the product (s) in the software of ACV EIME to calculate environmental impacts. Finally, we will write the accompanying reports and the environmental declaration.

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Whether for the realization of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the realization of communication support (environmental product declaration type PEP ecopassport, FDES, EPD System) or in an eco-design perspective, the software EIME meets your needs.

Manage your projects and case studies

Simply model the entire life cycle

Choose a set of indicators and get the environmental impacts

Realize your environmental declaration thanks to the results

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CODDE also helps you in the verification of your environmental declarations

Since 1 July 2017, the French Decree of 31 August 2015 imposes independent third-party verification of environmental declarations of construction products, decoration products and electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment intended for use in works of building.

We offer a range of services adapted to your needs in third party verification.

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