EIME API: Programming interface

New in the 6th version, EIME API is the programming interface that allows the EIME software to be connected to another software, or third-party service, in order to exchange data and functionalities.

EIME API* provides a response to industrial challenges: automation, massive processing, data traceability.

The interfacing is done with the IT support of LCIE Bureau Veritas.

* An EIME API license is required, commercialization in September 2024.


To take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the EIME API, the EIME software has improved performance:

  • Increased maximum case study size
  • Optimization of queries for the calculation of indicators
  • Decorrelation of calculations and display

Redesign LCA

EIME API aims to thoroughly review our approach to Life Cycle Assessment, including:

  • Data collection,
  • Data modelling,
  • Exploitation of the results

In a changing society, our ambition is to imagine the working methods that will shape environmental analysis in 2030-2050.

Two complementary uses