Life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment

The ideal method to control the environmental footprint of products

Perform your own LCA with the EIME software and our expert team

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a quantitative, multi-criteria, multi-step and based on product functionality environmental assessment method.

Our team of experts has been conducting LCA in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14040-44 standard for over 20 years on multiple products and services and covering varied activities.


The simplified LCA

Know the environmental footprint of your products / services to perform an initial diagnosis.

Communication LCA

Communicate on the environmental footprint of your products/services to businesses or to the general public.

Comprehensive LCA

Understand and analyze the environmental issues of your products/services to eco-design.

Research oriented LCA

Bureau Veritas CODDE works on R&D projects with multiple agencies in the LCA related areas.

20 years+ LCA experience

  • LCA software EIME developer
  • Studies
  • Accompanying
  • Specific database developer
  • LCA in compliance with ISO 14040-44

Multi-sectorial expertise

  • Electromechanical
  • Building
  • Textile
  • Transport
  • Cosmetic

Bureau Veritas Group

  • International network
  • Customer care
  • Reputation
  • Recognition
  • Expertise

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LCA in practice

Choose the calculated indicators and obtain the quantitative results of environmental impact of your product.

result quanti

Analyze the distribution of environmental impacts on the whole life cycle of your product.
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