Life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment

LCIE helps you in the realization of your LCA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method of assessing the environmental impacts of a product or service. This method is quantitative, multi-criteria, multi-step and is based on the functionality of the product or services.

All stages of the life cycle (raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution, installation, use and end of life) are taken into account in the assessment of impacts.

The Life Cycle Assessment methodology, standardized internationally by ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, follows four main steps:

  • Definition of the objectives and scope of the study
  • Inventory and inventory analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Results interpretation

This method is ideal for controlling the environmental footprint of products and services.

An LCA solution for each of your needs

The simplified LCA

Know the environmental footprint of your products / services to perform an initial diagnosis.

Communication LCA

Communicate on the environmental footprint of your products/services to businesses or to the general public.

Comprehensive LCA

Understand and analyze the environmental issues of your products/services to eco-design.

Research oriented LCA

Bureau Veritas CODDE works on R&D projects with multiple agencies in the LCA related areas.

Realise your LCA with the EIME software

Whether for the realization of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the realization of communication support (environmental product declaration type PEP ecopassport, FDES, EPD System) or in an eco-design perspective, the software EIME meets your needs.

Manage your projects and case studies

Simply model the entire life cycle

Choose a set of indicators and get the environmental impacts

Analyze the distribution of environmental impacts

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