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The battery regulation and the circular economy
Discover the newt episode dedicated to the circular economy. [spacer] Episode 2: The battery regulation and the circular economy In this episode dedicated to EU batteries and battery wastes regulation 2023/1542, we present the objectives of the regulation, its scope of application as well as the way in which LCIE Bureau Veritas has structured its…
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Explore the challenges of the circular economy with LCIE Bureau Veritas!
In a world focused on sustainability, initiatives in favor of the circular economy are becoming essential. It is in this context that we present you with a new series of episodes dedicated to exploring the challenges and solutions related to this transition. [spacer] Episode 1: In the age of the Green Deal We are delighted…
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Bureau Veritas Decarbonization Solution
Our Decarbonization Solution is our commitment to empowering your journey towards sustainability and net-zero emissions. We help you to start, accelerate and lead the journey by providing practical advice, innovative solutions, and necessary technologies. [spacer] Empowering Net Zero tranistions for businesses Net-zero commitments and regulations are reshaping the global business landscape. Professionals in supply chain sustainability…
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PEP ecopassport®: Publication of PSR
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in February 2024. The LCIE Bureau Veritas lists these changes for you. [spacer] 4 update PSR The updated PSRs, available on the PEP ecopassort® website, are: [check_list] PSR0003 - Cable management PSR0005 - Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions PSR0006 - Drives for blinds and closures installed in…
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Bureau Veritas joins the United Nations Global Compact
Bureau Veritas is proud to announce it is now a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). With this move, the Group confirms its commitment to abiding by the Ten Principles of the voluntary initiative, which seeks to advance universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and…
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Un nouveau vérificateur PEP ecopassport® à CODDE
Lucas GUILLAUME, LCA & Eco-design engineer in CODDE Department of LCIE Bureau Veritas, has been admitted as an authorized verifier of the PEP ecopassport® program. 👏 Congratulations ! [spacer] An effective team He joins the LCIE Bureau Veritas team dedicated to the verification of environmental declarations: Olivia, Firmin DOMON, Béranger HOPPENOT and Damien PRUNEL. In…
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