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BV Mark: Carbon footprint verification
The BV Mark is a verification developed by Bureau Veritas. It allows communication through a label with QR code by independently demonstrating that a performance has been verified. Consumers have the option of verifying the claim from the website dedicated to the BV Mark. [spacer] Discover the BV Mark dedicated to carbon footprint: HERE September 2023
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Sustainability and Supply Chain solutions: Summit series 2023
Join our 2nd Sustainability and Supply Chain Summit Series Opening Keynotes, starting from September 18th–29th, 2023. [spacer] Thriving in Uncertain Times Our theme, "Thriving in Uncertain Times" focuses on helping brands “Comply, Compete and Lead” through sustainability and supply chain solutions. Over the summit, we will provide valuable insights to help brands, retailers and suppliers…
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Green claims
Nearly 53% of environmental declarations give vague, misleading or unfounded information. Therefore, the European Commission wants to set new criteria to stop companies from making misleading claims about environmental merits of their products and services. [spacer] Overview Appearing in the early 90s, the term « greenwashing » is still relevant today. Today it is difficult…
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PEP ecopassport: Connected equipement
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in June 2023. The PSR-0005 (Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions) and PSR-0006 (Drives for blinds and closures installed in buildings) allow to study the environmental impacts of connected equipment. [spacer] Rules associated with the impacts of digital services Connected equipment mobilizes a set of equipment, infrastructures and other digital…
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PEP ecopassport: Publication of PSR
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in June 2023. The LCIE Bureau Veritas lists these changes for you. [spacer] 8 update PSR The updated PSRs, available on the PEP ecopassort® website, are: [check_list] PSR0002 - Direct,visible ,fixed electric heating appliancesPSR0003 - Cable managementPSR0005 - Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions PSR0006 - Drives for blinds…
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EIME v6: Release
[spacer] Since 1996, EIME evolved to meet normative and industrials requirements.On February 27th 2023, discover EIME v6. February 2023
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