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A new directive banning greenwashing and misleading product information
Parliament has given its final green light to a directive that will improve product labelling and ban the use of misleading environmental claims. [spacer] More accurate and reliable advertising Most importantly, the new rules aim to make product labelling clearer and more trustworthy by banning the use of general environmental claims like “environmentally friendly”, “natural”,…
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Best wishes 2024!
[spacer] The CODDE team of LCIE Bureau Veritas wishes you all the best for 2024!We wish you a year full of success and ambition.On this occasion, we are proud to present the next EIME developments for 2024. [spacer] January 2024
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IECQ supports the Circular Economy
IECQ has widened its remit to offer a complete green package of services to its users, with a combination of proven and new schemes. [spacer] What does the « green package »? As a global approval and certification system covering the supply of electronic components, IECQ provides manufacturers with independent verification using quality assessment specifications…
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PEP ecopassport®: Publication of PSR
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in December 2023. The LCIE Bureau Veritas lists these changes for you. [spacer] 7 update PSR The updated PSRs, available on the PEP ecopassort® website, are: [check_list] PSR0004 - Individual and standalone domestic storage water heater  PSR0008 - Ventilation Air Treatment Filtration and Mechanical Smoke Exhaust Equipment…
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PEP ecopassport®: Validity of PCR ed3 PEP declarations
La période de transition entre le PCR e3 et le PRC ed4 est terminée. Depuis le 1er janvier 2023, les industriels souhaitant réaliser des fiches PEP ecopassport® doivent obligatoirement utiliser le PCR ed4. Mais qu'en est-il des fiches PEP réalisées selon le PCR ed3 ? Quelles sont leurs dates de validité ? Le LCIE Bureau…
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REACH: The European Union bans microplastics
On 27 September 2023 the European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2023/2055 to amend Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation. The restriction will apply for microplastic, on their own or in mixtures, placed on the market on or after 17 October 2023. [spacer] Challenges: Preserving the environment and human health It's everywhere! In facial or body exfoliants,…
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