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ECO Platform: International recognition of your EPDs
Do you know ? Since January 2021, all EPDs published by operator programs with recognition by ECO Platform and compliance with EN 15804 shall carry the ECO Platform logo on the cover page of the EPD. The use of the logotype is free of charge. [spacer] ECO Platform: Objective of the association Created in June…
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2 new PEP ecopassport® verifiers at CODDE
LCIE Bureau Veritas is proud to announce the arrival of two new PEP ecopassport® verifiers in CODDE department. [spacer] Two new verifiers Firmin DOMON and Marlène DEMICHELI, LCA & Eco-design consultants, have just been admitted as authorized verifiers by the PEP ecopassport® program. They will bring you their expertise: [check_list] Firmin participates in the creation…
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Carbon footprint of your studies
Since November 1, 2022, CODDE department of LCIE Bureau Veritas has communicated the carbon footprint associated with its consulting service. The goal? Raise awareness among our teams and our customers about the environmental impact of digital technology. And allow all those who wish to set up responsible digital alternatives at home. [spacer] Digital pollution, what…
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FDES: Serge Ferrari expands its canvas
The September/October edition of Isère Mag highlights the company Serge Ferrari, the French leader in composite fabrics. What do the speed skating ring of the Beijing Olympics, the Groupama stadium of Olympique Lyonnais or the Philippe-Chatrier tennis court at Roland-Garros have in common? The composite fabric roofs of these three structures are all signed Serge…
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An FDES accredited verifier at CODDE
Olivia DJIRIGUIAN, LCA & Eco-design consultant at the CODDE Department of LCIE Bureau Veritas, has just been admitted as an authorized verifier of the INIES program. Congratulation ! This is the third authorization that she has held after the authorizations for the PEP ecopassport® program and the EPD® System program. If you want to create…
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EIME: New indicator set
LCIE Bureau Veritas has launched a new version of the indicator set "PEF/EN15804+A2" in the EIME software. News This new indicator set, entitled “Indicators for PEF EF 3.0 (Compliance: PEP ed.4, EN15804+A2) v2.0”, allows: [check_list] To respond to the latest recommendations of the Technical Committee of the PEP ecopassport® program for the implementation of PCR…
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