Publication of the GPI 5.0.0

EPD International announced the publication of the General Programme Instructions 5.0.0, a major update designed to enhance harmonisation, clarity, and transparency in Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) procedures.

What's new in GPI 5.0.0

Since the previous release of GPI 4.0 in March 2021, significant advancements have been made to refine and improve the rules of the International EPD System. General Programme Instructions (GPI) 5.0.0 offers clearer and more stringent procedures for rule changes, document version management, and data quality transparency. These updates aim to streamline the process and ensure consistency and credibility of EPDs.

Key highlights of GPI 5.0.0 include:

  • Enhanced harmonisation and clarity: Improved guidelines for LCA and EPD content, ensuring data quality and its transparency.
  • Greater clarity in procedures: Clearer and stricter procedures on rule changes for a coherent approach in version management of documentation.
  • Digital transition: Advancements in verification procedures and tools to support the move towards a more digital future

New rules on governance of the programme, PCR development and EPD verification will be implemented within 90 days from the publication date of June 19, 2024. Changes related to EPD development, LCA, and EPD content will take effect as PCRs are updated or published.

More information: EPD International | News

June 2024