Our LCA software and eco-design: EIME

Fruit of 20 years of expertise in the development of a software solution for conducting LCA and Eco- design, EIME is the answer to evaluate your sustainable development initiatives, identify ways to improve your products and seamlessly communicate the environmental benefits of your products from the competition.


Environmental communication: To each context its format

Achieve an effective environmental awareness and value your approach thanks to the different formats of environmental declarations, standardized at the international level, and adapted to your sector and the expectations of your customers.


Building products




PEP ecopassport

Electric, Electronic and heating & cooling products




certif footprint progress


Eco-design certification

auto declaration

And many else

EPD System, Self-declaration, Environnemental display

The CODDE department also helps you in the verification of your environmental declarations.

Trainings: Increased your qualification level

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