Footprint Progress©

Bureau Veritas certifies your eco-designed products

Footprint Progress© is a certification developed by Bureau Veritas dedicated to eco-designed products and services.

Its objective is to provide proof of the benefits for the environment through transparent and visible labeling. This solution is aimed at all types of products or services.

The label can be print on the product and its packaging.

The Footprint Progress© certification

The Footprint Progress© repository

Footprint Progress© certified products and services comply with a benchmark defined by Bureau Veritas that meets current challenges.

  • Certification is based on international standards (ISO 14006, ISO 14040/44, ISO 14062).
  • It is guaranteed by methodological requirements and an audit carried out by LCIE Bureau Veritas and Bureau Veritas Certification.
Why to choose this certification?

Footprint Progress©is a consistent approach for all sectors of activity. It values your efforts in reducing environmental impacts.

  • You have a brand to display on your products.
  • Bureau Veritas, an organization recognized for its seriousness and its skills, joins your approach in favor of sustainable development.
  • You give credibility to your approach through a robust and internationally valid benchmark.
  • You can make eco-design a differentiating factor for your products.


A visible certification, a progressive, simple and efficient process

  • Have Bureau Veritas certify your organization's commitment to eco-design its candidate product(s) / service(s).
  • Communicate from the 1st year with a certificate of commitment to eco-design.

  • Have Bureau Veritas certify the reduction in the environmental impact of your products(s) / service(s).

  • Annual control audit by Bureau Veritas
  • Increase the scope of the candidate product(s) / service(s).

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