Bureau Veritas verifies yours performances

The BV Mark is a verification developed by Bureau Veritas.

It allows communication through a label with QR code by independently demonstrating that a performance has been verified. Consumers have the option of verifying the claim from the website dedicated to the BV Mark.

Bureau Veritas has developed verification protocols related to environmental performance, such as reducing the carbon footprint of products.

Shaping a world of trust

Consumers are increasingly demanding full transparency and will disregard products, and manufacturers, that do not deliver these expectations.

The BV Mark can help end consumers navigate these complex market challenges while elevating brand awareness

  • Positive differentiation from self-declared claims
  • Confidence & simplicity in the buying process
  • Tangible proof of performance claims
  • Demonstration of performance of product & factor

The BV Mark verification

Our verifiers

The environmental performance of the products is verified according to BV Mark protocols by Bureau Veritas. Our verifiers are trained in Life Cycle Assessment methodologies (ISO 14040/44).

BV Mark protocols
  • Verification of a carbon footprint value, expressed in kg CO2 eq. (protocol based on ISO 14067)
  • Verification of a carbon footprint reduction, expressed in % (protocol based on ISO 14067)
Visible performance

Consumers can check the claim from the website dedicated to the BV Mark or by scanning the QR code.

IECQ Recognition

In addition to BV Mark and to support our clients, we also propose IECQ Carbon Footprint of Product Statement in compliance with IECQ 03-01 and ISO/IEC 17029.

The recognition from IECQ is based as BV Mark on ISO 14067:2019 and LCIE has been audited by IECQ to ensure our compliance to this standard

  • Added value : have a carbon footprint verification statement recognized by IECQ. An international harmonized supply chain tool to meet need of B to B communication (scope 3).

Measurable and quantifiable claims

Tangible evidences
  • Choose the BV Mark claim according to your needs
  • Communicate on an objective and scientific level of performance
Positive differentiation

  • Promote your product through communication adapted to current consumption patterns

  • Create trust based on independent evidence
  • Facilitate decision making for the consumer

Success Stories

Links to BV Mark attestations: IDEMIA Smart Connect Consumer, IDEMIA GREENCONNNECT BY IDEMIA, ESSILOR Varilux®XR seriesTM, VALEO Wiper blade