PEP ecopassport®: Connected equipement

The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in June 2023. The PSR-0005 (Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions) and PSR-0006 (Drives for blinds and closures installed in buildings) allow to study the environmental impacts of connected equipment.

Rules associated with the impacts of digital services

Connected equipment mobilizes a set of equipment, infrastructures and other digital services to capture, circulate, process, analyze, restore and store data. This equipment is one of the components of a digital service characterized in 3 tiers (terminals, networks and datacenters).

Did you know ? In France, digital consumes 52 TWh in 2020, which represents 12% of national electricity consumption. This figure should reach 54 TWh in 2030.

ADEME-ARCEP, Analyse prospective 2020-2030 de l'impact du numérique en France

In a PEP ecopassport® declaration, the manufacturer can declare the environmental impacts of connected equipment by integrating 3 thirds of the digital service. The rules defined in the PSR are adapted from the Methodological guidance for the environmental assessment of digital services issued by ADEME in July 2021.

Example of connected equipment covered by PSR-0005 and PSR-0006:

  • Connected thermostat
  • Connected plug
  • Connected switch
  • Connected shutter motor
  • Connected gate motor

Access to the PEP ecopassport® PSR:

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August 2023