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EPD® System: Extend validity period for PCR 2012:01 based on EN 15804+A1
To secure a smooth transition to the EN 15804+A2 published in 2019, EPD® System decided to extend the validity period for PCR 2012:01 based on EN 15804+A1 until the end of 2021. Extend validity period for PCR 2012:01 based on EN 15804+A1 On September 21, 2020, EPD International AB decided to extend the validity period…
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EIME: New version of CODDE database
Developed by LCIE Bureau Veritas, the CODDE® database consists of a generic database and 3 sectoral databases (electromechanical, infrastructure and textiles). Today, the EIME software integrates the latest version of this CODDE database. What's new in the CODDE 2020-12 version? The latest version of the CODDE® database contains over 125 new inventory data and major…
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2021 Wishes
Grenoble elected European green capital 2022
Since 2008, a jury of experts from the European Commission has awarded the title of "European Green Capital" to a city in Europe each year. This title rewards the strong commitments made by the city in terms of sustainable development and aims to help develop actions in favor of environmental protection. The European Commission evaluates…
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EIME : a new set of indicators is available
The EIME software has a new set of indicators. Based on the EN 15804 + A2 October 2019 standard, this set of indicators allows EIME users to take into account the latest methodological advances in environmental declaration programs and standards. For which use ? Selected by the European Commission, these indicators are intended to constitute…
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EIME: a new version of ecoinvent database
Since April 2015, LCIE Bureau Veritas offers its customers the opportunity to perform their Life Cycle Assessment using the ecoinvent database, one of the most recognized databases in the world. Today, EIME software includes a new version of ecoinvent. What's new in version 3.6? The new version of the ecoinvent database features more than 2,200…
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