Training catalog 2022

CODDE Department is pleased to present the new 2022 training catalog 2022 of LCIE Bureau Veritas.

What's new in the 2022 catalog?

Our training courses on the theme of sustainable development cover the following aspects: Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Communication (PEP® ecopassport format, FDES and EPD® System), Ecodesign and EIME software. A total of 16 courses are available.

In 2022, CODDE Department will train you:

  • Methodological developments of the PEP ecopassport® program (PCR edition 4) and its implementation in EIME.
  • Carrying out Life Cycle Analyzes of digital services using the NégaOctet database available in EIME.

Our programs will evolve according to the news. Our team will keep you informed throughout 2022!

Our team is at your service

To meet your needs, these courses can take place on LCIE sites, in your buildings or remotely for people who cannot travel. The training courses provided by LCIE Bureau Veritas, an establishment approved by the French Government, give rise to a training agreement. Each participant receives an internship certificate at the end of the training.

For more information on our courses and how to register, contact us.

January 2022