Publication of the PCR edition 4 P.E.P. ecopassport

The P.E.P ecopassport Association has announced the publication of the new PCR for the type III environmental declaration program for electrical, electronic and climatic engineering (EEE) equipment: the PCR edition 4!

The PCR edition 4 allows the requirements and recommendations to be taken into account:

  • of EN 50693 - Rules governing categories of electrical and electronic products and systems
  • of EN 15804 - Rules governing categories of construction products
  • of RE2020 - Environmental regulations for new buildings in France
  • of the European Commission within the framework of the PEF

It also introduces the declared unit, the breakdown of module B as well as the benefits and loads beyond the product life cycle (module D).

Manufacturers now have a robust reference framework for carrying out PEP ecopassport at international, European and French level.

Two new PSRs, relating to electric and photovoltaic charging stations, will soon complete the 17 existing PSRs.

Find more information at this link or do not hesitate to contact us.

September 2021