EIME : New version of the CODDE database

Developed by LCIE Bureau Veritas, the CODDE® database consists of a generic database and sectoral databases (E&E, infrastructure, textiles, etc.). Today, the EIME software integrates the latest version of the CODDE® database.

What's new in the CODDE 2022-01 version?

The latest version of the CODDE® database contains 280 new inventory data and major updates.

New modules conforming to the PCR ed4 of the PEP Ecopassport® program have been added to the database (more than 200 data). Among these modules, you will find modules for virgin materials, modules for recycled materials, as well as end-of-life modules for recycling and energy recovery.

New energy mix modules from European and international countries have been added (57 modules).

The indicators set “Indicators for PEF EF 3.0 (Compliance: PEP ed.4, EN15804+A2)” can now be used for your product environmental declarations, in particular for the creation of PEP Ecopassport®ed4 declarations. In total, the CODDE® database contains more than 5,219 inventory data.

For what uses ?

The CODDE® database consists of environmental data developed and selected by LCIE Bureau Veritas. The goal is to meet the needs of the majority of our users. You can use it to carry out your Life Cycle Assessments. But also for your product environmental declarations (PEP ecopassport®, FDES and EPD® System declarations). The CODDE® database is the most widely used database for producing PEP ecopassport® declarations.

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February 2022