Life Cycle Assessment Trainings

Life Cycle Assessment Trainings


The CODDE Department offers you a panel of Life Cycle Assessment Trainings adapted to the needs of each.


Life Cycle Assessment Trainings

  • Understand and understand the environmental, regulatory and normative issues related to stroke
  • Evaluate the environmental footprint of your products and services in accordance with ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044: 2006
  • Know the main tools and methods to carry out the environmental diagnosis of a product or a service
  • Discover the applications of the environmental assessment of a product or a service
  • Know the specific approaches to the E & E sector to enhance the results of a stroke
  • To understand the complexity of the construction sector
  • Know the tools available for LCA of products and equipment intended to be integrated into a building and their applications

Design Office, Product Manager, Business Manager, Methods Manager, Designer, Quality and Environment Manager, E & E Industries.

ECO 1 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): principles and applications
ECO 2 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): E&E sector specificities
ECO 3 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): Equipment and Building sector specificities
ECO 4 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): Digital services sector specificities

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