Combine eco-design and beauty: Marie-Laure PLV’s challenge

Founded in 1982, Marie-Laure PLV supports major luxury and beauty brands.

The mission? Design, develop and produce advertising media called "POS" (advertising at the point of sale). Since 2017, the company has been Footprint Progress® certified by Bureau Veritas. We interviewed Mrs. Titikpina, CSR manager at Marie-Laure PLV.

What are the reasons for your success?

Turning a single-use product into a model of the circular economy might seem impossible. Yet it is the challenge that we have managed to meet.

  • First of all, favor the use of recycled materials. Thanks to a meticulous search for local partners, we no longer use virgin PMMA. This action represents a saving of nearly 500 tons per year.
  • Another tip is to advise our customers of less energy-intensive designs.
How to save energy?

Six years ago, a one meter wide perfumery display could require up to 240 watts of LEDs. Today, thanks to better layout of the light parts, this figure is only 60 watts. For recycled plastic, as for the luminous parts, these changes have no repercussions for the end customer: both in terms of quality and price.

Do you have some examples?

Here are some illustrations of our latest innovations to find for the end of year celebrations!

How did LCIE Bureau Veritas support you?

To initiate and succeed in our transition, we were fortunate to be supported by the Bureau Veritas teams. They succeeded in raising awareness, training and mobilizing our teams without ever rushing them. This made it possible to grow a common will to do wel. Thanks to the mobilization of everyone, the group's carbon impact has fallen by 24% in four years.

LCIE Bureau Veritas, recognized expertise for eco-design products

The LCIE Bureau Veritas accompanies and supports companies from all sectors of activity in their eco-design approach.

«  Since 2017, Marie-Laure PLV has been committed to an eco-design approach, Footprint Progress® certified. A success that is noted each year during renewal audits. EIME software is used by R&D teams as a complementary design support tool. Each new generation of product is an opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint by avoiding any transfer of pollution. More than 5 years after obtaining their first certification, Marie-Laure PLV proves their ability to reinvent the world of beauty over time. » Damien PRUNEL, Bureau Veritas auditor.

December 2022