Monthly Archives: October 2022

EIME: New indicator set
LCIE Bureau Veritas has launched a new version of the indicator set "PEF/EN15804+A2" in the EIME software. News This new indicator set, entitled “Indicators for PEF EF 3.0 (Compliance: PEP ed.4, EN15804+A2) v2.0”, allows: [check_list] To respond to the latest recommendations of the Technical Committee of the PEP ecopassport® program for the implementation of PCR…
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NegaOctet: Final report
NegaOctet - Final report (public version)Download Based on 36 months of research work carried out by LCIE Bureau Veritas and its partners, the NegaOctet consortium publishes a public version of the final study report The project NegaOctet offers a method and tools to measure and reduce the environmental impact of digital services over their entire…
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BV MARK: Verification of carbon footprint according to ISO 14067
Consumers are increasingly demanding full transparency and will disregard products, and manufacturers, that do not deliver these expectations. The BV Mark can help end consumers navigate these complex market challenges while elevating brand awareness. CODDE department of LCIE Bureau Veritas, recognized for its expertise in LCA/Eco-design, verifies the carbon footprint of your products according to…
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