Signature of a mutual recognition agreement between the PEP Association and UL Environment

As part of its international development, PEP Association has signed a mutual recognition agreement with UL Environment.

UL Environment is an American company whose goal is to support companies on safety, environmental, quality and performance issues. Their activities include the management of the SPOT® environmental reporting database.

The PEP Association is a non-profit association promoting and developing the PEP ecopassport® environmental declaration program, which covers electronic and electrical products and HVAC systems.

This mutual recognition agreement will allow you to register your PEP ecopassport® in the UL SPOT® database.

These will benefit from strong visibility in the US market, allowing you to expand the scope of influence of your statements and meet your needs for environmental recognition in other markets.

Today, you can directly register your PEP ecopassport in the UL database when registering the PEP.

From next year, the declarations will have to respect certain conditions. The environmental impacts will be calculated according to the TRACI indicators.

To meet this need, the EIME software is evolving by the end of the year to incorporate the TRACI indicators. In addition, this update will be provided by the North American market to allow you to handle well the manufacture of your products in the United States.

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