Grenoble elected European green capital 2022

Since 2008, a jury of experts from the European Commission has awarded the title of "European Green Capital" to a city in Europe each year.

This title rewards the strong commitments made by the city in terms of sustainable development and aims to help develop actions in favor of environmental protection.

The European Commission evaluates the candidates on the basis of files detailing the measures implemented over the past 10 years. But also the actions planned in the short and long term on 12 criteria (management of water, waste, noise, air quality, energy performance, etc.).

Grenoble was elected among 18 candidates! It was ranked first or second on 11 of the 12 indicators. The assets that have convinced the European Commission are:

Measures already put in place by the city concerning:
  • the emission of fine particles in the air:
    • decrease of almost a quarter between 2004 and 2015,
    • air-wood premium doubled to replace inefficient heaters.
  • transportation:
    • generalization of 30 km / h in the city,
    • encouragement of travel by bicycle: with its 7,000 metro bikes in circulation and its 40 km of chronovélo tracks soon to be built, Grenoble is the second city in France for commuting by bicycle.
  • school catering:
    • school canteens half supplied with organic and / or local products
    • one vegetarian meal per week in collective catering, soon two
  • green spaces and land use planning:
    • no chemicals for the management of green spaces
      1,900 more trees since 2015
    • Villeneuve: the first working-class eco-district in France
The goals she set for herself:
  • 40% reduction in fine particles and 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • all professional vehicles will be electric or natural gas by 2025. Application of this measure to private vehicles by 2030 (for at least 28 municipalities).
  • 100% green electricity supply 0% carbon and 0% nuclear by 2022. And by 2030, the urban heating network will be based on an energy mix that is 100% renewable and recovered energies.

The city's determination is therefore rewarded. She also won the sum of 350,000 euros to help her carry out her environmental projects.

The CODDE team is proud to have 3 Grenoble residents among its team! Marlène, Etienne and Damien enjoy living in Grenoble, a dynamic and eco-responsible city. Values also shared by the rest of the team.