EIME: New version of CODDE database

Developed by LCIE Bureau Veritas, the CODDE® database consists of a generic database and 3 sectoral databases (electromechanical, infrastructure and textiles). Today, the EIME software integrates the latest version of this CODDE database.

What's new in the CODDE 2020-12 version?

The latest version of the CODDE® database contains over 125 new inventory data and major updates.

Semiconductor-type electronic components, as well as conventional LCD and touch screens have been updated to take into account the latest technological developments (more than 120 data).

The modules have been revised to align with the calculation of the new EN15804 + A2 / PEF indicators, particularly on water and energy consumption (1,300 updates).

In total, the CODDE® database contains more than 4,170 inventory data. EIME users will have in January 2021 an automatic update of their database with the addition of a new workspace reserved for this database (CODDE 2020-12).

For what uses?

The CODDE® database consists of environmental data developed and selected by LCIE Bureau Veritas in order to meet the needs of the majority of our users. Thus, you can use it to carry out your Life Cycle Assessment and your product environmental declarations (PEP ecopassport®, FDES and EPD® System sheet). The CODDE® database is the most used database for producing PEP ecopassport® declarations.

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January 2021