EIME: a new version of ecoinvent database

Since April 2015, LCIE Bureau Veritas offers its customers the opportunity to perform their Life Cycle Assessment using the ecoinvent database, one of the most recognized databases in the world. Today, EIME software includes a new version of ecoinvent.

What's new in version 3.6?

The new version of the ecoinvent database features more than 2,200 new and 2,500 updated datasets related to agriculture, building and construction materials, chemicals, electricity, fishing, metals, refineries, textiles, tourism, transport, waste treatment and recycling, and water supply. In addition, ecoinvent expands its geographical coverage on numerous countries and regions not covered before, such as Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Peru and South Africa.

In total, EIME software contains over 16,000 ecoinvent data.

Why use ecoinvent?

The ecoinvent database has environmental data on multiple sectors. You can use it to carry out your Life Cycle Assements and your product environmental declarations (PEP ecopassport®, FDES and EPD® System declaration).

For more information on pricing and the availability of ecoinvent with your EIME license, contact us.