Disneyland Paris: The largest solar power plant in Ile-de-France

Sun shines on Mickey and his friends! Disneyland Paris has the largest solar power plant in Île-de-France. The solution? Install photovoltaic shades in the visitor car park.

Disneyland Paris: The largest solar power plant in Ile-de-France

Dans le cadre de la stratégie environnementale de Disneyland Paris, le parc a décidé d'installer des ombrières photovoltaïques sur le parking visiteur. Sur les 82 000 panneaux solaires prévus, la moitié est déjà opérationnelle. Elle alimentera à terme 17 % des besoins en énergie du parc d’attractions, soit l’équivalent de la consommation annuelle de 17 400 habitants.

In accordance with Disneyland Paris' environmental strategy, the park has decided to install photovoltaic shade structures in the visitor car park. Of the 82,000 solar panels planned, half are already operational. It will eventually supply 17% of the energy needs of the park, i.e. the equivalent of the annual consumption of 17,400 inhabitants.

Carbon emissions avoided

Disneyland Paris estimated the amounts of carbon emissions avoided. With an annual capacity of 36 GWh, the solar power plant will reduce CO2 emissions by 890 tonnes per year. Enough to actively participate in the low carbon strategy desired by the European Union for 2030-2050. For more information, see the press kit.

End of building work scheduled for 2023.

Photovoltaic shade structures in the Disneyland Paris car park
French legislation: Accelerating renewable energies

In accordance with the law on the acceleration of renewable energies, the french government decided to promote the installation of photovoltaic panels. From July 1, 2023, outdoor car parks must have photovoltaic shade structures on at least half of their surface. This measure is applied gradually depending on the size of the car parks:

  • More than 400 car parks: July 1, 2026 (deadline)
  • From 80 to 400 car parks: July 1, 2028 (deadline)

Exceptions are provided for: truck park; park near remarkable sites.

The law provides for a monthly sanction based on the number of car parks (50 euros per car park). Thus an 80-space car park that does not comply with the new legislation would be exposed to 48,000 euros in penalties each year. Enough to encourage the acceleration of renewable energies in France.

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