Monthly Archives: June 2023

Carbon footprint of a webconference: Infographic
The LCIE Bureau Veritas publishes an infographic for the general public of the digital impacts associated with a webconference. [spacer] Carbon footprint of a web conference This infographic presents the impacts of a 1 hour webconference (20 participants, connection by smartphone with the camera activated, via mobile in France). The impact is 0.995 kg CO2…
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PEP ecopassport®: Publication of PSR
The P.E.P. Association published new sector rules (PSR) in June 2023. The LCIE Bureau Veritas lists these changes for you. [spacer] 8 update PSR The updated PSRs, available on the PEP ecopassort® website, are: [check_list] PSR0002 - Direct,visible ,fixed electric heating appliancesPSR0003 - Cable managementPSR0005 - Electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions PSR0006 - Drives for blinds…
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