Monthly Archives: September 2021

PEP ecopassport®: A new PSR!
A new PSR for electric vehicle charging infrastructure (IRVE) is available on the website of the PEP ecopassport® Association: PSR-0018-ed1-FR-2021 09 13 Do you want to create a PEP ecopassport sheet? Contact the CODDE Department. September 2021
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Publication of the PCR edition 4 P.E.P. ecopassport
The P.E.P ecopassport Association has announced the publication of the new PCR for the type III environmental declaration program for electrical, electronic and climatic engineering (EEE) equipment: the PCR edition 4! The PCR edition 4 allows the requirements and recommendations to be taken into account: [check_list] of EN 50693 - Rules governing categories of electrical…
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