SCORELCA 2019 Seminar!

Thursday, March 21, 2019, the CODDE team was present during the 3rd seminar of the SCORE LCA Association.

On the program, the presentation of several studies:

  • - "Environmental issues, prioritization and strategic integration: what place for LCA and global limits" by Guillaume Neveux and Helene Teulon ;
  • - "Scenario of energy transitions: strengths and weaknesses of LCA from a perspective of limited resources" by Caroline Catalan and Mélissa CORNELUS ;
  • - "Sustainable Finance and Life Cycle Analysis" by Marine Puech and Sining Zhang ;
  • - "Environmental impacts & environmental emissions avoided" by Dieuwertje Schrijvers ;
  • - "Multiple applications in LCA: methodological aspects and example of calculating the environmental impacts of batteries enjoying a second life" by Augustin Chanoine and Helene Teulon

Interventions by SCORELCA members, Jan Mertens, Jean-paul Cazalets, Jade GARCIA, Arnaud Berger, Llorenç Mila i Canals, Philippe Osset, David LAURENT, Erwan AUTRET.

Many exchanges with participants around the LCA topic.

All summarized by Fanny Thomas in Graphical Facilitation.