EIME : a new set of indicators is available

The EIME software has a new set of indicators. Based on the EN 15804 + A2 October 2019 standard, this set of indicators allows EIME users to take into account the latest methodological advances in environmental declaration programs and standards.

For which use ?

Selected by the European Commission, these indicators are intended to constitute a reference for LCA studies. And also to standardize the impact results for :

  • The International EPD® System for PCR based on EN 15804+A2 (concerns the majority of PCRs including the building sector)
  • European environmental labeling (PEF/OEF)
  • French environmental labeling

The majority of European environmental declaration programs converge on the use of these indicators. This is particularly the case with the PEP ecopassport® program (2021) and the FDES / INIES program (2023).

While most of these programs are currently in a transitional phase, you can now use and appropriate these new indicators to anticipate future developments.

These indicators will allow you to go further in understanding the impacts of your products and services by integrating new categories. Fine particles, human toxicity and natural environments, water scarcity, etc. But also by making it possible to carry out standardization and weighting, which will guide you in your choices of eco-designed solutions.

Available now

If you already have EIME access, this new set of indicators called « Indicators for EN15804+A2/PEF » is already available. Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants for any additional questions.

If you wish to buy an EIME license, you will find all the information on our website.