ECO Platform: International recognition of your EPDs

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Since January 2021, all EPDs published by operator programs with recognition by ECO Platform and compliance with EN 15804 shall carry the ECO Platform logo on the cover page of the EPD. The use of the logotype is free of charge.

ECO Platform: Objective of the association

Created in June 2013, the ECO Platform association aims to establish an environmental database of building and construction products. This database is composed of LCA results from the environmental product declaration (EPD).

In order to ensure consistency and homogeneity of the data, ECO Platform is in charge of identifying the operator programs. Currently, 20 programs have been selected, including in particular:

  • The International EPD® System
  • PEP ecopassport®
  • Programme INIES
  • IBU

A main objective of the Association is to promote and to contribute to the sustainable development, including a low-carbon economy and resource efficiency in the construction sector, by coordinating the development and provision of credible and scientifically correct data from products.

ECO Platform logo to put on the EPD.


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November 2022