Durability and functional performance

You want to assess and improve your product’s functionality and performance through:
  • The end of life analysis
  • The evaluation of the performance and resistance to ageing
  • The verification of the Fitness For Use - FFU : Ability of a product to answer to the expected use, and capacity to keep on working according to a normal use, and during a determined period of time.

Performance testing also helps to verify the marketing allegations and measure a product’s positioning against the market’s reference one.

We can offer you guidance around:
  • The development of your product
  • The construction of the product’s specifications
  • A product range review in the purpose of selecting suppliers
  • Solving a quality issue.

We help you improve the environmental characteristics of your products!

Technical Guidance
  • Achievement of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Identification of ecodesign actions
  • Integration of ecodesign in your company
Audit & Verification
Environmental communication
Creation of tools
  • Sale of EIME license and standardization of your LCA studies under EIME
  • Creation of environmental calculators

For more information, visit the Bureau Veritas website.

August 2021