Avnir Congress 2019

Cloud computing, big data, block chains, digitization of state services, dematerialization of the currency, smart city, smart grid, etc., digital has invaded our everyday life and that of companies.

Questions arise:

– What are the tools and methods specific to environmental assessment?

– What about its environmental impacts?

– How to make sure that digital transition rhymes with ecological transition?

 – How do life cycle thinking and ecodesign apply to digital services?

As part of the 8th AvniR Congress on Life Cycle Assessment, which took place in Lille on 08/11/2018, Caroline VATEAU, Julie Orgelet and Etienne Lees-Perasso spoke on the theme "Green IT: How to succeed in ecological transition of the digital? "On the occasion of their feedback on the #Greenconcept project, they presented #NegaOctet.

Find the presentation video.

The 2019 Avnir Congress will be held on November 6-7. For more information, follow this link.