EIME Software Trainings

EIME Software Trainings


The CODDE Department offers you a panel of EIME Software Trainings adapted to the needs of each.


EIME Software Trainings

  • Know how to create, organize and manage your projects and your case studies.
  •  Search the databases and know how to identify the most suitable data.
  •  Navigate independently in the EIME software interfaces.
  • Master the evaluation of your products according to the Life Cycle Assessment method using EIME software.
  • Know how to interpret the results and identify the eco-design axes of your products.
  • Export the evaluation results to be able to apply them according to the context (Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Declaration PEP ecopassport®, FDES Inies, EPD System)

Future EIME user, EIME user, any sector

ECO 13 EIME DESIGNER : Master the environmental assessment of products using the EIME software
ECO 14 EIME PERFECTIONNEMENT : Deepen your knowledge and skills in using the EIME software
ECO 15 EIME MANAGER : Manage users, database and indicators of EIME software


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