November 2016

EIME community 

Bureau Veritas CODDE is proud to welcome new users within the EIME community. 

Latest members: ALTRAN, ABB L’Ebenoid, FRANCE AIR, Marie-Laure PLV, Fibroline, FDI Matelec and the EIGSI University


Annual update of the EIME database

The annual update of the EIME database is available for a few days to all EIME users. The changes include updating of the ELCD database (electricity, transport, materials) and the CODDE database (plastics). These changes will be automatically available on your next connection to EIME. Login now to EIME to test the new database!


Accredited verifiers

Bureau Veritas CODDE can achieve critical review of your environmental product declarations. Since July 2016, our team has been composed of 3 PEP ecopassport® verifiers, 2 international EPD® Sytem verifiers and 2 FDES/INIES verifiers. 

Contact our team for all requests.

Bureau Veritas CODDE launched its new website 

The website of Bureau Veritas CODDE has a new look! Discover it now! 


Hazardous substances: Simplify your reporting processes and meet the regulatory requirement 

European and international regulations (REACH, RoHS, etc.) require you to monitor the hazardous substances contained in the equipment you produce or distribute.

The continuous increasing of the substances list and the complexity of your supply chain make the implementation of these regulations difficult.

You must also often meet the specific requirements of yours clients.

So, LCIE Bureau Veritas and Bureau Veritas CODDE developed together new services to help you in the management of the hazardous substances.

These services are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

1. Expertise and external support in the realization of material declarations and data management from the suppliers.

2. Development of collaborative data collection tool to collect and declare substances over the supply chain.

Thanks to these services, we propose to help you:

• Identify the presence of hazardous substances in your products

• Collect, monitor in real-time and store information from your suppliers

• Dispose on material declarations compliant with IEC 62 474 standards.

• Get the latest updates lists of hazardous substances.

To sum up, you will be able to easily collect information from your suppliers and to publish a declaration in compliance with IEC 62474 format.

The advantages of our platform

Our platform includes a database of regulatory controlled substances, updated by our experts.

• Your compliance approaches are simplified (REACH, RoHS, etc.)

• You gain in efficiency

Is our platform of your interest?

Contact us to participate in one of our webinar presentations.

For more information, please consult our website or contact our experts.


PEP ecopassport® continues to develop and sign two memorandum of understanding

Agreement with the French Government

The PEP ecopassport® Programme signed a convention between its association and French authorities, which recognizes the capacity to accredite and manage PEP verifiers.

Since January 2014, the environmental product declaration of building products and equipment for use in the building are subject to supervision by the authorities.

This agreement will allow PEP ecopassport® auditors to establish certificates of third party review which will be mentioned in the INIES database and regulatory database.

The requirement for independent third party verification will come into force on 1st July 2017. The deadline of July 2017 closes the transitional period established since the entry into force of Decree of 23 December 2013. 

For more information, go to PEP ecopassport® site.

Agreement with International EPD® System

International EPD® System and PEP ecopassport® are both environmental product declaration program operators in Europe, interested in the promotion of type III Environmental Product Declaration in compliance with ISO 14025.

The collaboration between the two programs should allow, in the field of Electrical, Electronic and Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning-Refrigeration products aims at examining:

• The recognition of existing Product Category Rules (PCRs) and possible future co-development,

• The recognition of verification schemes,

• The recognition of declaration from both programs,

• The possibility to register declarations in each Program Operator database,

• The possibility to collaborate within standardization working groups and other scheme development initiatives.

For more information, go to International EPD® System website.


The 2017 training leaflet is available

The new training leaflet of Bureau Veritas CODDE is now available!

Discover now our new training programs that meet industry challenges of tomorrow, including:

• « Environment: a better understanding for a perfect management » presenting the context of the environmental assessment, the various methods of environmental diagnosis and the various related applications

• « Hazardous substance platform », a specific training to discover and use the new software from Bureau Veritas CODDE. This online platform allows you to declare the hazardous substances in your products in compliance with the international IEC 62474 standard.

Our training programs cover various topics related to the life cycle analysis, eco-design, environmental communication, EIME ...

To discover all our training programs, see our training leaflet then contact our consultants to discuss your needs and your development priorities for 2017.