Etienne LEES-PERASSO holds a Grenoble INP Master’s degree in industrial engineering specialized in supply chain and ecodesign.

He conducts LCA studies within the electric and electronic, transport and hardline sectors following different objectives: environmental declarations (PEP ecopassport®, EPD®), ecodesign projects and decision-making support. He regularly assists firms on the methodological and technical aspects through trainings: use of the EIME software, environmental communication, etc.

Etienne is responsible for the EIME database development and management. His tasks include the adaptation of Bureau Veritas CODDE standards to the ILCD Handbooks, including methodological aspects as well as the technical integration of flows and characterisation methods for the calculation of impact indicators within EIME. He is responsible for the development and update of the EIME life cycle inventory data set database in compliance with ILCD recommendations, as well as the integration of external databases such as ecoinvent or ELCD within the EIME software.

Etienne is currently accredited verifier for PEP ecopassport® Program, FDES Inies and EPD® System.