EIME Light


The access to EIME Light - LCA & Eco-design software is a unique tool for quantifying the impact on the environment!

You will be able to carry out the Life Cycle Assessment of your products and services. But also identify the eco-design avenues available to you. And finally, create communication supports (PEP ecopassport, FDES, EPD System) to enhance your approach.

Developed in-house by our Department, the speed of its handling and its ergonomics will guarantee you optimal working efficiency.

With EIME Light access, initiate your Life Cycle Assessment approch.

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EIME Light - LCA & Eco-design Software
THE + OF EIME Light access
  • Personal access to software

Enjoy a unique user account for all of your LCA and eco-design projects .

  • LCA achievment whatever your product

Model and analyze your products in detail.

  • Access to the generic database

Choose among our genric databases (platics, metals, packaging, transports).

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For more advanced features such as case study comparison, go to EIME Designer.

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EIME Software makes it possible to comply with the principles of Life Cycle Analysis and Eco-design standards. Indeed, the latest software version (5.8) has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the ILCD platform. In addition, it integrates the European ELCD databases, the Impact Base and the Ecoinvent database.

Thanks to its ergonomic interface, its sectoral databases and its reduced cost, EIME democratizes the analysis of environmental impacts!

More than software, EIME is a repository allowing you to easily carry out your studies. All in accordance with the requirements of international programs and standards.

Based on a robust and experienced structure since 1996, EIME software is a web application allowing you to connect wherever you are. This will make your approach easily adaptable to the structure and size of your business.

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