August 2017

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User Club EIME 2017 - Thursday, September 21st

User Club EIME 2017

Bureau Veritas CODDE organizes its annual EIME User Club on Thursday, September, 21st 2017 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm in Paris 16th.

This event is intended exclusively for EIME software users and will be the opportunity to present the new functionalities developed in EIME during this year. This meeting will also be an opportunity to talk about the new features yet to come.

The event will be conducted in French, Free registration, join us!


EIME Community

Bureau Veritas CODDE is proud to welcome new EIME users into its community. Welcome to our last members: Carrier, FDI Matelec and France Air.

The EIME software is improving!

EIME has a new functionality: the possibility to add a status to your case study. If your team is working on the same case study, you can now choose to reference it according to 6 statuses:  “In Progress”, “Validated”, “To be validated”, “Refused”, “Published” or “Canceled”.

This new feature is the first step towards the new features planned in 2017: sharing a case study, create a library of your favorite case studies via the “system” function…


Publication of an environmental impact database of the electric and electronic equipment’ end of life

After an 18-month effort, Eco-Systèmes and Recylum, supported by the ADEME (French environmental agency), publish a unique database in Europe to estimate the environmental impact of the end of life of the electric and electronic equipment. With more than 60 materials, this database will allow manufacturers to quantify the end of life impact and the advantage of an ecofriendly design end of life.

This database is going to be implemented in the EIME database soon!


E+C- Building label: for positive energy and low carbon building

Launched in November, 2016 by the French environment minister, the objective of the E+C- label is to support the different initiatives and projects aiming at setting up positive energy and carbon reduction buildings.

French government is launching a test phase with the building contractors and building project supervisors to help them implementing the new order aiming at providing positive energy and carbon reduction buildings. The reference document is available online on the E+C-website. French government are actually looking for participants, if you are interested, feel free to check it out on the link bellow.

I want to participate in the experiment

The order, which define the criteria of energy and environmental exemplary of the public buildings with positive energy (Bepos), appeared on December 23rd, 2016. The new public buildings will be required to have a positive energy balance, respect a criterion of performance on greenhouse gas emissions and respect others criteria:

• The quantity of waste generated during the construction phase

• A limit on volatile organic compounds materials,

• Or a limit on biosourced materials used for the construction.


Mandatory since July 1st, 2017

Since July 1st, 2017 the Order of August 31st, 2015 came into effect. It concerns the verification by an independent third party of every environmental product declarations related to construction, decoration and electric, electronic and HVAC products, intended for a use in buildings. 

It is now mandatory to verify your environmental product declarations by an independent third party. 

You can find the Order in the following this link.


Feedback from Somfy on carrying out PEP ecopassport®

Somfy performed its 1st PEP in 2014 because of the request from several customers in the sector of the tertiary building. The BREEAM and LEED environmental construction certifications are particularly in demand of those environmental declarations.

Somfy feedback:

LCA creation of our various typologies of products allowed us to establish the criteria of our eco-design approach called ACT FOR GREEN. Every ACT FOR GREEN labeled product has to be in accordance with several criteria: decrease of the electric consumption, miniaturizing electronic components, optimization of the life expectancy, using recycled and recyclable materials for packaging, checking the absence of forbidden chemical substances by external laboratory. The last criteria is to realize a PEP ecopassport® document of the product.

The PEP ecopassport® document is the final goal of our eco-design approach: all criteria are included in the various paragraphs. From the beginning, we chose to have the verification performed independently from the Somfy team to avoids the possible doubts on the modelling and calculations. We have chosen Bureau Veritas CODDE as an independent third party to guarantee the data reliability, and so, the credibility of our approach ACT FOR GREEN.” - Justine ZAWADA, Project officer Sustainable development, Somfy.




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