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    • Location: Paris

    Marie-Elisabeth D’ORNANO

    Manager de CODDE

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    Julie ORGELET

    LCA & Ecodesign Project Manager & EIME Product Manager

    Project Manager in Life Cycle Analysis at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie holds a process engineering degree from INPG. She follows a specialization in the field of environmental process and management. Julie ORGELET is now responsible for the management of the EIME LCA and ecodesign tool development and for the technical promotion of the software.
    Over the past five years at Bureau Veritas CODDE, Julie had the opportunity to develop expertise in LCA and ecodesign for electrical and electronic products. In the context of big projects, she developed strong skills in terms of service LCA: especially in the field of the dematerialization and ICT service. In addition, it was also heavily involved in the implementation of tasks in preparation for the European ErP Directive on products related to energy consumption.
    In addition, Julie is involved in the management, update and creation of LCI datasets included in the EIME database. As such, Julie was in charge of implementation of the first available ELCD database and of the integration of ILCD Handbook requirements within the EIME technical specification.

    Yann FABRE

    Responsable informatique

    Yann joined Bureau Veritas CODDE in June 2008 as IT manager. In 2010, Yann took in charge of the technical management of the new EIME software development. As a consequence, Yann becomes EIME v5 operational development manager which leads him to develop new features and to organize the IT applications tests of developments.
    Moreover, Yann uses his developer and IT project manager skills acquired in companies like Hewlett-Packard, Boiron or Darty, to achieve specific tools development for some of the Bureau Veritas CODDE customers.

    Thomas HUMMEL

    Web developer

    After several years of experience as manager of his own startup, Thomas HUMMEL joined the Bureau Veritas CODDE team in 2011 as Ruby on Rails and Javascript web developper. He puts his expertise and his passion at the service of EIME software development.
    He is in charge of software ergonomics, design and development.
    Skills: Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Php (CakePhp), Javascript (ExtJs, Jquery), HTML5 (Haml), CSS3 (Sass, Compass)...

    Claire TOZZI

    Management Assistant

    Drawing on her 10 years experience in communication in private and public sector, Claire Tozzi joined Bureau Veritas CODDE in 2008 as Management Assistant. Claire quickly became the Assistant of the whole ecodesign department, supporting managers, consultants and developpers team but also national and international clients and suppliers, on administrative matters, EIME licenses subscriptions or invoicing.

    Claire also coordonates logistical tasks of training proposed by CODDE team.

    To guarantee success of marketing actions and projects (web site, newsletter, meeting & events planning, etc), Claire is carrying out in close association with consultants and Bureau Veritas Group Marketing Department.

      • Location: France

      Béranger HOPPENOT

      LCA and eco-design consultant

      Béranger HOPPENOT holds two Technological University of Troyes master degrees in mechanical systems, and in Environmental Management and sustainable development. He performs LCA on differents products such electrical and electronic products, sporting goods, furniture and textile.

      He supports companies in their integration of ecodesign approach trough some training on EIME software, Environmental communication, LCA training,… , as well as supports to the integration of ecodesign in companies.
      Beranger takes part on the issue of environmental labelling of consumer goods. He implemented environmental labelling on several categories of products (textiles, furniture, and electric and electronics products) for major distributors.

      Etienne LEES-PERASSO

      Eco-design and LCA consultant - Database manager

      Etienne LEES-PERASSO holds a Grenoble INP Master’s degree in industrial engineering specialized in supply chain and ecodesign.
      He conducts LCA studies within the electric and electronic, transport and hardline sectors following different objectives: environmental declarations (PEP ecopassport®, EPD®), ecodesign projects and decision-making support. He regularly assists firms on the methodological and technical aspects through trainings: use of the EIME software, environmental communication, etc.
      Etienne is responsible for the EIME database development and management. His tasks include the adaptation of Bureau Veritas CODDE standards to the ILCD Handbooks, including methodological aspects as well as the technical integration of flows and characterisation methods for the calculation of impact indicators within EIME. He is responsible for the development and update of the EIME life cycle inventory data set database in compliance with ILCD recommendations, as well as the integration of external databases such as ecoinvent or ELCD within the EIME software.

      Damien PRUNEL

      Eco-design and LCA project manager

      Graduated from the Grenoble INP University (master's degree in industrial engineering specialized in product design), Damien joined Bureau Veritas CODDE in 2010 as an ecodesign consultant.. He had the opportunity to advise many companies in the integration of ecodesign appproach and in achieving of environmental assessments. For instance, he participated in the implementation of environmental labelling of electronic devices for SFR, Vodafone and FNAC. Thanks to these experiences, Damien is currently accredited verifier for PEP ecopassport® Programme and EPD® System.

        • Location: Paris

        Axel ROY

        LCA and ecodesign consultant

        Axel ROY graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie of Montpellier, a Chemistry engineering school, with a major in Environmental Chemistry, in conjunction with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) based in Stockholm.
        After a first experience in the field of LCA, Axel joined Bureau Veritas CODDE’s team.
        He conducts studies for Chemistry, Building, Textile, Agro-food sectors as well as for Retailers. He supports companies in their environmental approaches: Life-Cycle Assessment, ecodesign, environmental communication (FDES, EPD), trainings, tool development... Axel has thus been verifier of FDES declarations since September 2014.
        Axel takes part in many events with partners to spread his network: ADEME/AFNOR, IFPEB, SETAC, avniR, SAC, Association HQE... Thanks to this experience, Axel is able to communicate, synthetise and simplify the results of a study.
        He also conducts the development and the maintenance of the declaration and traceability tool of hazardous substances: HASAP.